Type 1 diabetes presentation in adults, Share Link

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Many of them however – sooner or later – need insulin treatment. The authors present the data of 46 newly diagnosed diabetics.

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They analyse the circumstances of the diagnosis; the period elapsed before introducing the insulin treatment; the levels of the basal and postprandial endogenous insulin measured at the time of the manifestation of the disease and when switching to insulin treatment, the fasting and 1-hour postprandial blood glucose values and the HbA1c concentrations measured same time.

According to the results, the patients could be devided into two main subgroups: 1.

Patients with slowly progressing insulin-dependent diabetes based on positive islet cell antibodies; LADA: latent onset autoimmune type diabetes in adults2. Non-insulin-dependent diabetics with no demonstrable islet cell antibodies.

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The most important conclusion for the practice is, that in cases with uncertain type, when the diabetic metabolism fails off the best therapeutic choice is the introducing of exogenous insulin as soon as possible.