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We thank them for this all. Hypoglycaemia is extremely low blood glucose.

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It is dangerous because the brain only utilises glucose for energy and there is not enough energy for the brain to operate correctly. This state makes the body produce glucagon, adrenalin and growth hormones which increase the amount of glucose in the blood.

Insulin resistance: At a certain stage of diabetes, the body can only make use of carbohydrates with an increased insulin production.

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Those affected by this condition often perspire, shiver, feel hungry and dizzy. What did prehistoric men eat? Cavemen probably collected acorns, berries, dandelions, mushrooms, onions, petals, roots and wild asparagus.

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They may have caught hamsters, moles, squirrels, oysters, snails and other small animals. On lucky days even bigger animals fell into their pits dug with great effort. These latter were definitely rare but highly valued.

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