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Action and Maintenance.

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In the precontemplation stage, the individual is unaware of the consequences of risk behavior, does not seek information and is not interested in changing health behavior in a positive direction.

In the contemplation stage, the individual weighs the benefits of the change and compares them to the costs of change.

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They are aware of the need for change, but if the costs cukor diétás ételek considered to be excessive, further steps are not taken. In the preparation stage, the individual is already prepared to take certain steps and possesses an action plan.

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In the action stage, he individual takes specific steps to protect their health. As awareness increases, the chances of returning to past behavior decrease. Real behavior change can be achieved in the maintenance stage, after at east six months.

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In the primary research outlined in the present study, TTM was used by our group to investigate the transition to a healthy diet. From an economic point of view, the elements of health behavior that manifest themselves in behavior are shopping and consumption.

Consumers approach the market with basic decision styles. These can be defined as mental shopping orientations that characterize consumer choices [27]. To measure the diversity of decision styles, the Consumer Style Inventory, hereinafter referred to as the CSI test [28].

CSI has been validated in many countries around the world e.

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CSI has diabetes classification chart used in the past in general commerce [30, 31]in the monitoring of online behavior [28]and in organic food buying [32]among others. In addition to exploring the decision-making styles and attitudes related to the purchase and consumption of health foods, it was also considered important to carry out a study in the online space, as this is one of the most relevant information source and communication interfaces today.

Health diabetes classification chart nowadays — obtaining information online According to data, there are approximately 5. Benetoli et al.

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Disadvantages of social media included questionable credibility, information overload and the increased time spent online, among others.

Johns et al. As a result of their research, it was found that social media had no effect on giving up smoking or weight loss, but had an effect on increased physical activity.

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As an axiom, it can be stated that digital communication is an integral part of of the advanced societies of today. Research in the online space is a useful addition to a type of marketing research that are group has been working on. Netnography is a qualitative research method that adapts the techniques of netnographic studies to examine the culture of online communities [38].


It can be used to understand the mindset and decision-making mechanisms of online consumer groups [39]. Ten years ago, Dörnyei and Mitev [40] recorded the basic forms of online communication: instant messengers, e-mail lists, game interfaces, chat applications, blogs, search engines, forums, social media sites. In terms of their usage, these channels have undergone a radical change. While blogs and forums flourished intoday consumers barely use these platforms at all.

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Materials and methods In our research, the goal was to examine consumer attitudes towards health foods, which we analyzed in the common subset of physical activity and the diet.

The research took place between April and November ofand then a follow-up was performed in April by repeating our netnographic analyses.

Our studies were carried out in three stages. In the first step of primary data collection, a netnographic research was conducted with data recorded in a search engine on the one hand and the content analysis of of posts and comments made groups of publicly available social sites on the other hand.

The interests of consumers present in the online space, as well as diabetes classification chart in them were detected in terms of health-conscious eating and physical activity.

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In the second stage of our research, two focus group interviews were conducted. The impact of regular exercise on the purchase and consumption of health foods was examined, and the implications of this in developing and mustármag cukorbetegség a köszvény kezelésére diabetes betegségben considered to be healthier by consumers.

The differentiating factor for inclusion in the groups was performing regular physical activity, so an active and a passive group were created. At the start of the study, participants introduced themselves one by one, and then they had a conversation for a few minutes under the guidance of the moderator, creating group cohesion and an atmosphere of trust.

The first part of the scenarios examined the factors that play a role in the development of a healthy lifestyle.

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